Monday, October 12, 2009

In fact every one in the family are facing the same problems

We all love each other.
But the fact is no one wan wish to admit that.

Father loves the children.
Due to the high living standard,
he had to give up his family time
to be so far away
in order to earn the living for the whole family.
This also brought a big problem,
Children missed him most of the time,
that made them feel like they dont had the father.

We love each other,
Due to always being apart, I could not show or being too close to him. It hurts so much when he had to go back to work.

Now this problem is facing my daughter.
She loves her father too. Because scaring of being hurt,
she dont know how to face him
even she missed him so much.

What I had been through,
I do not wish my chidren to follow my footstep.
I always remind them
When you had a family, where ever you are,

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Increase of Electricity Bill

From 1st of Oct, there will be an increase of electricity bill by 12.5%.
That is alot if we continue using the same way .

I dont understand, why our children couldn't think that they also need
to help to save .
We never ask them to pay, but that does not mean that they can spent as
much as they like.
All yours friends are very rich. Unfortunately we are not.

Compare to those poor, we are very good enough.
Why keep asking for more ??????????
We are not banker, We also try to save as much as possible in order
to supply your need.

Feel so sad, new generation could not understand , we still had a long way to go. If suddenly both of us pass away, then you all will get what you wan but for the rest of your life , you will have to take care of your self by your own. If once your life fall down, there will be no one to help anymore.

Terrsure What you all had now....................

Thursday, September 24, 2009

UniSIM-HomeTeamNS Sponsorships

The SIM University is offering HomeTeamNS Ordinary Members three
partial sponsorships for its undergraduate degree courses.
Singapore citizens receive 70% sponsorship of the total course fee, inclusive of government subsidy. Please visit for more details.
Please note : UniSIM's admission application form must be submitted
along with the HomeTeam NS sponsorship application form. This will help
prevent the application form overlooking the admission closing date.
UniSIM's admission application has to be submitted to HometeamNS.
Sponsorship application forms are available at the HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok and Balestier Clubhouses.
UniSim's application forms can be submitted via or
to SIM University Student Recruitment Counter at 461 Clementi Raod.
Application for UniSIM undergraduate degree courses close on Sept 30

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

i Phone

on 13/9/09 , me and Ling went to buy phone. At first I only think of
buying one, but after waiting for sometime and I had to wake up so early,
wasting off my time, I brought two phones.

I gave one to Diana (for her 21st birthday present), the other one to Desmond.

I love both of them.

I also like the phone, but no matter how, I still will gave to them first.

Diana is more understanding that study is more important than anything.
Hoping Desmond will understand that too.

Now, their father will blame me for spending so much money,,,,,,
Why he always care of his son and not his daughter.
He always asks about his son and not her, that made her feel so hurt
and jeaous.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

To fill my home with love

Without working life, my life is more relax.
No presure, less temper.
I had plenty of time to do any things.
To my children , I had more time to care for them.

As for my son, after our advise, hoping he had understand
the importance things he should do by now.
Yes, these few days, he had study.
But I think it is still not enough.
May be I am wrong,
As he had in school all day long.
It might be very tired for him.
I should give me more time to adjust,
But I am so worry cause time is running out.
It left three months.

No matter how, I still had to support him.
Never give up forever.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I am lost

Since yesterday, I am lost. I am very afraid to see my son. He
reminded me of his result.

What I should do now ?

He had no regret of what he had done for his study.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

What a great present for my birthday.

Today, my son and I went to his school to got his mid year exam result.
He had failed all his important subjects. I am really hurt and very very disappointed in him. No one can help him now except for himself. If he really failed his A level, I got no choice. I will send him to his father there. There is no place for him to survive in Singapore. I regreted for letting him choose his own way of studing. At least, what I had arranged .... it will be different.